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About Us

Our expertise in housing solutions comes from a diverse & well rounded background in manufacturing, operations, finance and remote site construction. Twenty years ago, we were the first to use shipping container frames for workforce housing, the first to design/build/deploy 'flatpaks' for disaster relief and the first to offer a 'zero added cost' solution to the City of Vancouver's homeless crisis in 2008. We pioneered the use of marine equipment for unique remote projects and are still the only company (ISOPOD) to offer an industry leading 8 year 'no fine print' warranty on the products we manufacture. CanCamp and our affiliated companies; Isopod HK Inc, Housing On Demand Inc, C-Bourne Canada Ltd and Marshall Consulting Ltd will provide you with the combined expertise to solve all housing problems. We love a challenge and look forward to delivering unique and viable solutions to your problems, from extreme remote projects to urban shelter issues.