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New 1 Megawatt (true continuous) Cummins PowerPods®

New Line - Cummins PowerPods® - 1 mW of true continuous natural gas power

PowerPods® are transportable & specifically designed/manufactured for full parallel interface, to grow/expand with your project(s).

Our engines are heavy duty continuous* rated Cummins (with full manufacturers warranty) using Stamford generators/alternators, DeepSea Controls (DES-8610), 100% copper busbar and custom Isopod® enclosures. No grey market components, only the best with full global warranty from Cummins, Stamford, DeepSea & Isopod®.

Full parallel interface in custom soundproof enclosures by Isopod®, designed for quick 'plug & play' setup.

Why pay for 8 megawatts of power to achieve 4 mW of backup/redundancy, when our PowerPods® will accomplish the same result for far less than half the capital outlay? 

Our launch price for a brand NEW world class power system, for under $299,750 USD per enclosed megawatt pkg...DELIVERED onsite.

The standard PowerPods® module produces a continuous 1000kW/480 V/60hZ. and includes built in Q-rad cooling system(s), automatic fire suppression, explosion proofing and custom extra heavy duty enclosures, specifically designed & manufactured by Isopod® to be used in gas fields.

Every PowerPod® comes equipped with methane concentration alarms, explosion proof lamps, DN80 flange, Auto-shutoff valves and a custom enclosure by ISOPOD®, designed for safety, convenience and security.

Designed for continuous 24/7/365 operation. Warranty - 1 year or 1000 operating hours.

* source Cummins data/spec. on KTA38 series (data sheet ref #FR 6871/FR 60270)

Warning: Backfeed to a utility system can cause electrocution and/or property damage. Do not connect Genset(s) to any building electrical system except through an approved device or after the building main disconnect is open. Neutral connection must be bonded in accordance with National Electrical Code.


Perfect Unit for disaster relief crews




2  Pre-Owned I MW Cat G3516; 825kW continuous, 4160V  3ph, 60Hz (1200 RPM) natural gas gensets

Priced at $ 101,000 USD/ $135,800 CDN - $840,000 USD new



Also available - CAT 3512, Diesel 1250 kW standby/1100kW prime, 277/480V 3ph, 60 Hz, 250 hours, EMCP2 control panel, 2000A main breaker, 24V 10A battery charger, standard air cleaner, jacket water heater, Racor secondary fuel filters, engine driven radiator, sound attenuated enclosure w/1,000 G sub-base fuel tank.

$195.000 USD for quick sale





Save over $50,000 on the 6 bedroom units with our factory direct pricing.

New 2019 ISOPOD® 60' x 12' [6 bedroom/2 full bath] modular @ $114,500 USD


ISOPOD® Multi Level structures

20MW Wartsila  Power Plant  20V32TS - 2 @10MW (each), HFO/Diesel Generators For Sale (Brand New with warranty)

Two (2) New 10,150 KW (12688 KVA) Wartsila 20V32TS, 4 stroke turbocharged HFO/Diesel
Engines (HFO/LFO) configuration with ABB Heavy Duty Generators,
750 RPM, 50 HZ, 0.8 PF, 15 KV, manufactured in 2018, New with warranty.
Generator packages available are from a cancelled project. Ready for immediate shipment.


Please note that we are offering the Engine and Generator (There are no HFO
Treatment, Cooling, or Control panel) The units are new unused, the picture that
you are looking at are when the actual units were in the factory being tested prior to

Units are ready for shipment without any need to dismantle, can be loaded immediately.

Price $4.8 Million USD (For both - Ex Site) - 

These units are currently only available for purchase in the USA (Pacific Coast)

Brand NEW custom trailer mounted Water Drilling Rig                        (to 3280' depth) $ 242,800 USD/FAS

2 in stock - Base machine, mud pump and engine are installed on a specially designed semi-trailer chassis; The rotary table has six different speeds; the main winch and deputy winch both use a planetary gear structure. Original design/build for DoD use in ME



Technical Data

Model of drilling rig


Drilling depth(φ89mm) (m)


Diameter of hole


Diameter of rotary table thru hole


Speed of rotary table

 55,89,153,39 r/min

Capacity with single rope of winch


Kelly pipe


drilling pipe


 max load of mast


Effective height of mast


Mud pump



Flow rate

1200 L/min


7 Mpa

Diesel power





 The specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to continued research and development.

Currently Available Equipment

ICE 1A Ice breaker suitable for ARCTIC conditions

Outline details:
This is a former special purpose vessel of German Maritime Authorities.
Built 1967 Norderwerft Hamburg, Germany & converted / rebuilt 1982 Thyssen Nordseewerke Emden, Germany
Built as per GL 100 A4 E 3 icebreaker – last drydocking 11/2013
Dimensions 55.34/50.87 x 13.40 x 6.0 m – max draft  4.75 m

Available for sale or long term dry lease.




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